Draft Rabbit

May summed up

Draft in, friends!

There's been a while since the last time you heard from us. Meanwhile may was filled with events, good and not-so-good ones.

Rasim leaves the band

As a rule of thumb it's better to start with not-so-good news. Sometimes that happens that a person dear to our hearts is to go far away from us due to reasons beyond their control. It's sad to realize that person is your bandmate and a good friend. Rasim Musaev, the bass player of Draft Rabbit, leaves the band.

Rasim leaves Draft Rabbit

Photo by Peter Budko

While being in the band Rasim took a great part in its creative life, he became a real friend to all of the Draft Rabbit members.

We sincerely wish Rasim a good luck in all his future endeavours!

Cool Spanish guitar for a hot summer!

This month also added some colours to our band. Meet Salvador! A new member in Draft Rabbit string family.

Salvador Alfonso joins Draft Rabbit

Despite of his young age the guy is a true talent. Salva will get you on with cool riffs and trance you with some charming tunes!

Hard work goes on!

Changing members is a hard time for a musical band. But despite of anything we keep up the hard work. Some new songs were written this month. We also work at the studio.

Процесс записи в студии SkyCoast

We hope to surprise you with new songs and events! Stay tuned! Sincerely yours, Draft Rabbit!

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