Draft Rabbit

"Rock Skhodka" and show timing

Draft in, friends!

Tomorrow night Krumlov pub will hold "Rock Skhodka". The festival starts at 6:00 PM. Draft Rabbit start their gig third. As seen at the latest "Rock Skhodka" festival, it's hard to tell at what exact time we'll start our show. Normally an artists in given an hour to play. Meanwhile, a longer set or soundcheck can take more time. So you can count only approximately.

Draft Rabbit – June 3rd set

It's worth mentioning that the set is going to be not long but original – 7 our own songs. We're getting ready to rock on!

This gig is an important milestone for Draft Rabbit. It would be the last time (in the nearest future anyway) our bass player Rasim plays with us. Come along and bring your friends – it's free!

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