Draft Rabbit

O² Open Air @ Yessentuki Airfield 08/11/2017

Draft in, friends!

11-13th of August Yessentuki Airfield will hold the big open-air festival O². Draft Rabbit will play a show on day one.

Draft Rabbit at O2 Open Air Yessentuki

«A new-coming band that swiftly gains an army of fans since the first shows. Their melodies and sensuality inspired by such giants as KoЯn, Deftones and Linkin Park will surely touch your feelings! Has it absorbed the sound of California alternative metal of early 00s with elements of groove and shoegaze, their music lets you experience a vast variety of emotions: from sense of peace and meditation to anger and fury.»

O² Festival is a exceptionally ambitious and first multi-format open-air in Stavropol region. More than 20 band from all over the country, air flights and shows, parachute jumping, etc.


1000₽ - pre-sale ticket (three-day entry only) <<Pre-order>>

1200₽ - during the event (at any day, three-day entry only)

1600₽* - at any day (three-day entry + airplane flight)

5000₽* - at any day (three-day entry, airplane flight, parachute jumping) *message the official page to buy.

Pre-order ticket >>

О2 Open Air Oxygen

Current list of bands:


Bondi Box





Высота 611


Atra Hora

Draft Rabbit





Страница 17

Bands of open air О2 Oxygen

Pre-order ticket >>

Yessentuki Airfield is situated here:

Sincerely yours,

Draft Rabbit!

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